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The Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) is a degree program that prepares individuals for careers in Information Technology. It is conducted and offered by SMC University, Switzerland. This degree program is designed to address the key principles of the Internet, network and distributed computing, programming design and applications. Although much of the technology studied is very modern, all subjects have a firm foundation in computer science and software engineering principles.

This degree program provides students with the knowledge and skills in computing that allow them to be effective in the rapidly expanding field of Internet systems applications and development. The emphasis is on the core computing skills, Internet systems and technologies, combined with skills in understanding software design and development.

Career Possibilities
The ICT industry provides employment opportunities in application areas such as science, technology, banking, education and retailing. Skilled professionals are needed to identify new applications, to enhance existing ones and to develop solutions for their clients. In particular, the courses offered in this program could lead to careers in network management, web design and management, e-commerce and web-based software development among others. As this program provides a broad-based and balanced view of computer science and information communication technology, the focus is on the Internet and distributed computing. Graduates will understand the basic principles of these technologies and will be able to apply them creatively to the development of Internet, network, information management and distributed applications.
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