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The Bachelor of Accounting and Financed (BAF) is a degree program that prepares individuals for careers in accounting and finance. The present environment of accounting and finance is evolving rapidly at the local, international and organizational levels. The environmental changes affecting managers and their decisions include:
  1. the opening of a truly global market and the emergence of new sources of competition;
  2. technological developments in information, production, and distribution systems;
  3. changing financial markets;
  4. relaxed attitudes towards risk taking, shifting managerial decisions and action towards short-term results, and
  5. new sets of values affecting career and life planning.
The challenges facing today's managers are huge and these challenges will grow more demanding in the future. This program prepares individuals for careers characterized by growing change, competition and uncertainty. We give our graduates a holistic and strategic view as well as the critical skills needed for analyzing and solving a wide variety of "real life" problems. Participants will receive a strong foundation in basic concepts and analytical techniques in accounting, finance, management, marketing, and business communication. Participants will learn to understand business situations within a broad context and to use this knowledge to design rational and creative solutions. Problems, cases, and simulations expose students to actual situations in which the student has to make managerial decisions. Although the program prepares individuals for employment after graduation, the primary goal of this program is to prepare the graduate to deal with a lifetime of intellectual and professional evolution. A continuing effort is made to stimulate the students in reaching their full potential, and the positive values of ambition and leadership are constantly stressed. As previously stated, a manager's toolbox must be filled with communication skills, mathematical abilities, economic theories, accounting techniques, marketing strategies, financial understandings, legal perceptions, and organizational methods. This leads to a demanding curriculum in both rigor and breadth. The end result is a stimulating atmosphere in which the student learns to take pride in his or her achievements.
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